Agicap Gender Equality Index 2022

The Professional Future Act (Loi Avenir Professionnel) of September 5, 2018, which came into force in 2019, introduced an index to measure professional equality between women and men based on a 100-point scale.


Intended for companies with more than 50 employees, Agicap is participating in this study of professional equality between women and men for the third time.
In order to make the analysis as objective as possible, the comparison between the sexes is made on the basis of comparable positions and ages (as defined by law).

The calculation of this index is based on 5 criteria:

  • The gender pay gap
  • The gap in individual annual salary increases
  • The gap in promotions
  • The percentage of female employees who receive a raise after returning from maternity leave
  • The percentage of women in the company's ten highest paid positions

For the year 2022, we obtained a score of 77/100.

On March 1, 2023, in accordance with the provisions of Article D.1142-5 of the French Labor Code, we submitted our 2022 results to the Ministry of Labor.

Our action plan for 2023

As part of the calculation of our index, we must take corrective measures for the criteria that did not reach the maximum score (decree dated 25 February 2022).

Here is our progress plan for the year 2023 for the results of 2022.

Theme Action Performance Measure

Creation and update of a scorecard page explaining:

- The mission: description of what is expected of the person

- The skills required for the position

- The recruitment process

- Questions to ask in interviews for all types of profiles

- Biases and how to avoid them

Onboarding of new TAs

Creation and update of the scorecard


Include a statement on inclusion and diversity in our recruitment advertisements:

Are you excited about this job position or about Agicap's project and culture?

Whoever you are, wherever you've been, we want to meet you! At Agicap, we feel very strongly about the importance of building a diverse, safe and inclusive workspace.

You may be the right candidate, whether it's for this or another role. Our global TA teams will be looking forward to receiving your application.

Inserting the sentence into recruitment advertisements
Recruitment Recruit more women in high positions. Recruit at least one woman in the top 10 in terms of pay

Career development

Launch of a performance review cycle with the aim of measuring performance and allowing each employee to express their needs (mobility, career, salary, training, etc.) Carrying out our first standardized performance review campaign
Career development

Revision and adaptation of our professional interview grids

Raising the awareness of our managers on how to conduct professional interviews

Rate of completion of professional interviews
Compensation Review and correction of salaries during the pay rise campaign in order to eliminate unjustified differences Benchmarking

Creation of a salary grid for CS and Sales and deployment to other departments

Formalization of our CS and Sales variable policy for France

Implementation of a salary grid for managers
Professional/personal life

Support for parenthood via the crèche reservation system.

Co-funding of the crèche place

 Number of users
Professional/personal life

Examine all requests to move to remote work

Number of accepted telework requests out of the total number requested
Professional/personal life

Examine each request to adjust working hours (part-time, flexible working hours, etc.) when returning from parental leave or paternity/maternity leave

Number of successful applications out of the total number of applications
Professional/personal life

Identify a harassment referent within France and explain his or her role to employees during the HR onboarding process

Communication of the process at the time of onboarding