Agicap in the UK: Crossing the Channel

What is Agicap bringing to the UK


Agicap's international expansion started with Germany before spreading across continental Europe, and as we expand to more countries, our product and value proposition become stronger for all our markets.

The United Kingdom being an important market in Europe, it was natural for Agicap to turn here as we continue our European conquest.

CFOs and CEOs in the UK face the same challenges as their European counterparts when it comes to managing their cash flow. According to a QuickBooks study, around 57% of small business owners in the UK have experienced problems with their cash flow. As in our other markets, a large number of British SMBs have yet have to find the most appropriate solution to manage their cash flow. Our product addresses a universal need.

A mature FinTech market ensures an easier adoption of our solution, in particular combined with the widespread use of tools like Xero or Quickbooks. The UK is also recognized as a forerunner in the field of Open Banking; meaning customers are already comfortable in connecting their banks and integrating their data with third party providers like Agicap.



Learn more about why Agicap is in the UK in this webinar:

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  • Learn more about Agicap expansion in Europe
  • Know how we designed the tool to fit the UK market



How does a country launch work?


It goes in three phases: the pre-launch, the launch and the scale.

During the pre-launch, our teams analyzed market opportunities. Then came the time to adapt the product to the market; Agicap was translated into British English and was adapted to local specificities: the connection between the Agicap solution and local banks was a particular point of attention.

Then our teams coordinated the launch and defined the marketing playbook before starting to collaborate with our first clients. Producing specific content adapted to the local market has proved essential in connecting rapidly with local SMBs, taking into account both the cultural dimension and the business aspect of the context.


uk team 2


To move on to the next phase, scale, the 2 main objectives are recruitment, to build a strong team, and marketing, to give the product visibility.

At Agicap, we focus on webinars and the co-creation of marketing resources with partners, but we also carry out physical events, advertising space purchases, podcasts, and newsletters. The scale is also inseparable from a significant investment on social networks to be visible by all companies, in particular SMBs.


citation timothee


What to expect based on our previous launches

Joining a team in a country that has just opened is a very promising opportunity, as the growth is powerful and fast. For instance, Germany has now over 60 people in the team after only 1 year and a half after launch. Professional development and career progression opportunities are as fast as the hyper growth of Agicap.

  uk team  

Learn more about our success story with this intervantion of Clement Mauguet on this French Tech London podcast :


What opportunities are we offering?


We are looking for talents in three main roles: Sales, Customer Success and Talent Acquisition. We are focusing on native speakers in order to create a solid foundation with a team who are able to fully understand the British market.

We need people with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, who have a strong desire to grow and learn fast. At Agicap, you will be given the opportunity to develop your critical thinking and take initiatives, with all the necessary resources and support, so you can contribute to our global strategy, and we can reach our ambitious targets together.

The stakes are even higher when a candidate is selected for a position in a country that has just opened; the country launchers must have a rapid impact. This is a demanding, yet rewarding opportunity to become a founding team member and create an environment for further success.


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Ready for this exciting challenge?!!

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