The Role of the Talent Acquisition team

The role of Talent Acquisition Specialist

After raising three rounds of funding, and bringing our total venture funding to $121 million, Agicap is looking to significantly grow our team across Europe by welcoming more than 500 new talents and accelerating international expansion into more than five European countries.

To recruit the best talents, we need a dedicated Talent Acquisition team who can act as ambassadors of the company, and oversee an efficient recruitment process. The success of Agicap comes from the quality of our teams, that’s why recruiting the best talents will ensure the continued growth and excellence of our company.

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At Agicap, we want to empower business owners in Europe to make better decisions based on what matters the most to them: their cash flow. More than 7000 companies see the value of our cash flow management tool. Agicap has value for all businesses, whatever their sector of activity or location, because day-to-day cash flow management knows no borders and is a pain point across all business sectors. That's why we are so proud to be working with clients in sectors such as retail, catering, property development and business services.

Our team is growing fast: in 2019 Agicap had 10 employees. In July 2020, we had a team of 50 Agicapians. Then, in July 2021, we were 250,reaching over 500 by the beginning of 2023. Our Talent Acquisition Team plays a strategic role in our expansion and is one of the drivers of our growth.

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The Talent Acquisition Team

The Talent Acquisition Specialists are part of the People department. They partner with each department at Agicap to understand their needs in order to create job descriptions, candidate profiles, and to manage the recruitment process. They interact daily with the rest of the company and are therefore strategically positioned in the exchange and sharing of information.

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The recruitment process at Agicap

To find applicants, we use three different methods: outbound sourcing, inbound sourcing, and employee referrals. Outbound sourcing comprises 60% of our hires: Talent Acquisition Specialists will actively search for candidates, and contact about 150 per day, mostly on LinkedIn. We post our jobs on qualified job boards, and these inbound applications account for 20% of our hires. Agicap employees are the best ambassadors for our team in their network, so employee referrals make up the final 20% of our sourcing.

We aim to keep the recruitment process at Agicap to 15 days maximum, from the initial screening call to the job offer. One in seven applicants who complete the initial screening interview finish the recruitment process.

A Talent Acquisition Specialist's job

Talent Acquisition Specialists source talents, screen candidates and manage the operational aspects of the recruitment process. In a 360 degree role, they oversee the entire recruitment process: from the definition of needs to the onboarding and follow-up of future Agicapians.

In a context of hypergrowth, our TA Specialists must know how to innovate and expect changing priorities. It is essential for them to continually reach for new goals, and anticipate changes in order to adapt quickly.

Their four main roles

Each TA Specialist takes ownership of recruitment in a department or a country. They have four main roles during the recruitment process:

1. Sourcing candidates

They contact about 150 new candidates a day, mostly on LinkedIn. They look for talents who might not be actively searching for new opportunities, but that might be a great fit for Agicap. Likewise, they network in different career groups, attend events, and build partnerships with schools to reach as many potential applicants as possible. Our TA Specialists have complete ownership of this process and are innovative in their approach: they have even been known to use Instagram source applicants.

2. Screening and coaching candidates

Conducting at least 5 screening interviews a day on average, they also coach candidates, to give them the best chance possible at succeeding in the recruitment process. They will send content such as articles, videos, interviews, and podcasts to communicate about the role and Agicap’s mission and values prior to the screening call. Their objective is to inform candidates of our company culture, share accurate and transparent information, as well as challenging their business acumen and coachability.

3. Ensuring the operational efficiency of the process

Talent Acquisition Specialists have complete ownership over the recruitment process, so they must organize the recruitment process efficiently and aim for a maximum of 15 days from the screening call to the job offer. They also ensure a positive experience by maintaining a candidate-centric approach, practicing transparency, and staying objective throughout the recruitment process.

4. Acting as brand ambassadors

Our TA Specialists are ambassadors to our employer brand, because their interactions are the candidate’s first experience with Agicap. They also help answer questions the candidate might have about Agicap and the job or department they are applying for.

Interactions with other teams

On the Talent Acquisition Team, it is essential to have a perfect understanding of the jobs at Agicap. As a result, they don’t only interact with applicants. They are immersed with the teams they recruit for, interacting continuously with the managers and VPs to gather as much information as possible, and understand the atmosphere and culture of different teams.

They also coach managers and other team members on how to conduct job interviews. By ensuring the recruitment process is efficient the entire way through, including the interviews with the hiring managers, the TA Specialists can ensure that the recruitment process focuses on a candidate centric approach.


Tools on the Talent Acquisition Team

Slack, to stay in contact with the entire team

Notion, a database where we store information and best practices

LinkedIn, to source candidates

Job boards, depending on the country of recruitment

Lever, our applicant and referral tracking system

Key skills for a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Enthusiastic, with great communication skills to be effective ambassadors for Agicap, and ensure candidates have a great experience

A sales mindset and a sales hunting personality, with the motivation to continually improve, and a desire to surpass objectives and expectations

Rigor and organization to conduct the recruitment process from beginning to end, and maintain our goal of ensuring a rapid recruitment process for candidates

A sense of curiosity to understand job roles in-depth and how different teams operate

Able to handle an intense environment, with the ability to adapt to different situations and priorities that can change daily


The onboarding at Agicap

As Agicap expands internationally, Lyon remains the company’s headquarters. During general onboarding, new Agicapians will get the opportunity to attend presentations led by each head of department to understand Agicap’s culture and what each department is responsible for. Since new Agicapians come from different countries and speak different languages, we do our onboarding presentations in English.

Our TA Team members will quickly understand the impact they have on Agicap, because within their first few days they will start contributing to the recruitment process. We don’t take results into account right away, we want to see our team members dare to make an impact as soon as they arrive on our team.

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