The Sales Department

The fundamental value proposition of Agicap

Agicap is fundamentally rethinking the way businesses plan and manage one of their biggest pain points: natural cash flow.

By centralising their bank accounts and their management and forecasting tools, leaders can focus their efforts on the fundamental essentials: analysis and decision-making.

Agicap is a 100% intuitive digital cash flow forecasting and management software, for modern businesses that want to know exactly what their financial future holds and how to optimise it.



The Agicap sales cycle

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The set-up of the Sales department was designed around the sales cycle: from prospecting to qualification to closing.

  • The cycle starts with our Sales Ops team searching for the best leads for the Sales Development Representatives according to their industry, their location, their community, etc.

  • The mission of a Sales Development Representative (SDR) is to qualify leads and identify their needs:

    -> by finding out more about their business environment and context

    -> by identifying cash management pains

After that, the SDR organises a demo with the client, where an Account Executive will present the Agicap solution on a video call.  

  • The Account Executive (AE) then takes over with the goal to close deals and activate subscriptions:

    -> by presenting the Agicap solution thanks to the information collected by the SDR

    -> by validating that Agicap is the right tool for their need

    -> by defining the steps and negotiating until the closing

There is a close relationship between the SDR and the AE during the acquisition period, where they are both involved and create links with the prospect.

Being in Sales at Agicap: what is it like? Some figures

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A culture of teamwork

There is a strong international spirit within the offices as team members visit regularly from all over Europe.

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Agicap Sales Academy

Working in the Sales department at Agicap involves many career opportunities and learning experiences. Surrounded by a culture of excellence, our newcomers join an expert team of talented and passionate colleagues who support them in becoming impactful members of the team. On their team, each employee has close support from their manager and colleagues.

frise sales

Each stage has its own customised and individual trainings that include new learning paths and new responsibilities. The reach of certain MRR targets enables team members to evolve into the different roles.

Training exercises:

  • Shadows (listening to other colleagues while they make calls or run demos)
  • Role plays
  • Ping pong calls (doing a series of calls in pairs, one after the other)
  • E-learning
  • Buddy program (being helped by one dedicated person)

Once new team members are fully ramped up and have become an expert on specific topics, they get the chance to be involved in new projects to be part of Agicap’s growth and development.

This learning also comes from a complex and rich environment; team members learn daily from CEOs and CFOs in various industries (construction, hotel, food service, retail, ecommerce) with many types of concerns. From the small greengrocer who is dealing with frost, to the big car factory that is facing a price increase in raw materials.

Each role is so rich it will take at least 18 months to know everything there is to know about the job.

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The main tools that the Sales department uses are:

  • Slack
  • Hubspot, CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Agicap Admin, for presenting the product
  • LinkedIn, to find prospects
  • Workramp, for online training
  • and of course, phones to make calls

From the very first week, team members can have an impact and see quick results (closing deals).

Joining the Sales department at Agicap means:

  • learning fast
  • learning a lot

As our solution exists to give businesses better analysis and decision-making, Agicap is a business-oriented company at it's core. Everything has been organised to help the business, and therefore the Sales department, run smoothly. Newcomers in Sales therefore have all the keys to grow and succeed.  

Meet our team members

Here is why they decided to join and why they love being part of Sales at Agicap:

  citation sales 1 citation sales 2


Meet our international team with this video:



A complex and analytic profession

We asked Clément Mauguet, co-founder of Agicap, his opinion on the profession. Here is what he had to say:

"We need to give the sales profession back its credentials: it is more complex and strategic than it seems on the surface. Before embarking on an entrepreneurial project, you must start with business development. It's a job that requires rigor and discipline, with real intelligence during conversations to allow a prospect to express their needs.

  citation clement  

It’s similar to consulting: there is a very scientific approach that requires the use of precise tools and methods, as well as a lot of preparation before and after meetings. At Agicap, the Marketing Department sends leads to the Sales Department. Then, they qualify and prospect the leads by contacting them directly, which represents about forty meetings per week.

To become a salesperson, you need to have a strong desire to understand our contacts’ businesses by understanding each call in all its specificity (context, persona, timing, etc.) At Agicap, we like people with a real sense of team spirit, who are supportive and like to spend time with their teammates."

Ready for this exciting challenge?!

The recruitment process takes a maximum 10 days, including doing business cases and meeting with two to three Sales department members.

Do you have the soul of an entrepreneur? Are you looking to work in a challenging and ambitious environment? Come and join us!

You will find all our open positions here.