The Partnerships team at Agicap

The role of the Partnerships team

The Partnerships team develops commercial and technological partnerships with third parties. The aim is to acquire new customers, enrich our product offer, and improve our brand image.

Developing partnerships is at the core of Agicap's strategy. This channel currently represents 15% of the income and we plan to soon double this contribution. In order to develop these ambitious partnerships, team members interact with various departments such as Product, Sales, Tech, and Customer Success on a daily basis.

The team builds strong relationships with our partners; for the partnership to work, it must be mutually beneficial, and we must pursue a common goal together.


Our partners

We are a team with complementary profiles and experiences. Our goal is to rapidly increase the team size with the creation of new positions.

Who are our partners?

  • Institutional groups: Groupe Crédit du Nord, Euler Hermès, etc

  • Software editors: Sage, Oracle, Microsoft, Stripe, Yooz, etc

  • Trusted third parties: consulting, audit and accounting firms

The team focusses on building different types of partnerships.

  • Prescription partnerships: the partner recommends Agicap to their customers and prospect base and redirects qualified prospects to Agicap.
  • Technological partnerships: Agicap and our partner offer complementary solutions through a technology integration (normally an API) to mutually enrich both of our value propositions.
  • Framework agreement
  • Collaboration marketing / cross acquisition

logos partnership

Our different jobs

To make these partnerships profitable, several colleagues work together within the team:

  • Strategic Partnerships managers define a sales and marketing strategy for customer acquisition and then transform it into a lead-generating action plan. They manage the commercial relationship, negotiate conditions of collaboration, and define a strategy profitable to both parties.
  • Partner Account managers manage our partners' sales networks. They frequently travel: around two or three days per week. They are the privileged contacts of our referral partners (banks, consulting, audit, and accounting firms...)
  • Marketing Lead Generation produce and launch digital acquisition campaigns with our partners (webinars, mass mailing, newsletter, pop up, articles…). They also organise numerous events like partnership webinars (about two per month), presentations of Agicap or meetings with our partners at their offices. This allows them to be in direct contact with our partners and to ensure a simple and qualitative exchange.




Our organisation

Slack is the communication tool of choice at Agicap. The team channels allow an efficient and collaborative communication within the Partnerships team, as well as with the rest of Agicap. These channels allow us to collaborate with other teams as well as share information and best practices.

In addition to communication tools, daily, weekly, and monthly meetings also allow for fluid organisation with our managers, but also with the other team members. Team spirit is always present and pushes everyone to give their best and to surpass themselves.

Several tools, such as Hubspot and Looker, centralize all data feedback. We create dashboards, quantitative analyses, and evaluate the performance of our partnerships on a daily basis. Depending on the trends, these analyses help us refine the roadmap for each of our partnerships.


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The Agicap onboarding

General Onboarding

All teams from all countries start the Agicap adventure with a general onboarding: the second day they participate in presentations of each team, made by department managers. In addition, Agicap's co-founders meet all newcomers who they didn't have the chance to interview.

The People team manages the onboarding, ensuring that the first few weeks of training go smoothly. We do our best to ensure that everyone is able to master every element of their new world and fully understand life at Agicap.

Onboarding on the Partnerships team

Partnerships onboarding then follows, to complete the general onboarding. Newcomers begin by meeting the various team members and familiarizing themselves with the diversity of the partnerships we develop. At the same time, they receive in-depth training on the Agicap product, as well as technical training on our various tools, in particular Hubspot. At the end of the onboarding, each team member is ready to take on their new role and is involved in projects where they can quickly have an impact.




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