The Marketing Department at Agicap

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Agicap is a group of entrepreneurial minds united by a love of helping businesses grow, a passion for problem-solving, and a soft spot for cash flow. Agicap is continuously looking for talents to join our team! We are expanding internationally with the ambition of becoming the financial management solution for SMEs in Europe. This is an ideal opportunity to join Agicap and see how your impact makes a difference as we continue to grow. Let's zoom in on the Marketing Department at Agicap.

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At Agicap, we want to empower business owners in Europe to make better decisions based on their number one pain point: their cashflow. More than 6000 companies see the value of our cash flow management solution. Agicap has value for all businesses, whatever their sector of activity or location, because day-to-day cashflow management knows no borders and is a pain point across all business sectors. That's why we are so proud to be working with clients in sectors such as retail, catering, property development and business services.

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The Marketing Department: Evolving with Agicap

Our team members manage everything from defining brand guidelines, crafting messaging, and creating impactful content to generating leads, managing the commercial pipeline, and supporting company growth and improvement. Together, we champion the brand in Europe by advocating the value of our cashflow management solution. We protect and promote Agicap’s brand, and lead the introduction of our product to clients through campaigns, engaging content, and collaboration with other teams at Agicap.

The hypergrowth that Agicap is currently experiencing can be seen at the marketing level. Local marketing teams are opening in different countries, and the teams at HQ are evolving to help support Agicap in its international expansion. We have teams in place that specialize in all aspects of marketing: acquisition, photo and video, brand content, awareness, growth, and product marketing. We strive to set new standards in marketing activities by being the first to test new solutions, features, and software.

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Our team culture

On our team, each person is a specialist in their job, so we all have different skill sets to share. We focus on fostering a collaborative environment where we exchange ideas and knowledge. We believe an effective marketing strategy comes from a combination of different talents and specialities that come together to achieve a common goal. Each team member has an entrepreneurial mindset that pushes them to think beyond the specificities of their role. For us, success comes when we are aligned on a common vision, and use each of our own specific skills in the service of Agicap.

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In marketing at Agicap, no two days are the same. There is a culture of innovation and collaboration. Have an idea? Let us know! We test everything, even ideas that are completely out of this world. Once we give the green light, we want to see our team members be creative and make an impact. And with the team growing, especially as teams open abroad, we foster an environment where we work collaboratively across our different locations in Europe.

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In the Marketing Department, opportunities are always evolving and new positions open often. We are looking for team members who push the limits, are ready for a challenge, and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. By joining Agicap in this period of hypergrowth, you’ll be able to participate in projects where you can see the impact they make.

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