The Key Account Management team at Agicap

On the Key Account Management (KAM) team, we support clients with a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of over €700.

We manage both the training of clients on the Agicap solution, and we also lend support once they have become independent users. The relationship we build with our clients is therefore very strong, as we accompany them over the long term.

The KAM team's job is very complete, since it calls for teaching skills and an expertise on our application, but also commercial development of portfolios via upsells or customer recommendations.

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The role of the KAM team in Customer Success

The KAM team is not sector-based: it works on a wide range of business sectors where Agicap has developed expertise.

The KAM team's contacts are key people within companies: financial directors, general managers, management controllers, accountants, etc. Each member of the team therefore has the opportunity to talk to people who are passionate about their business.

The KAM profile is someone who is keen on challenges and problem-solving. A customer comes with a problem and the KAM must solve it with the tools at their disposal.

As the team is in development, each member is involved in its structuring: the development of new processes, and continuous improvement. At Agicap, there is no room for inactivity. Every decision is implemented quickly to maximise the impact of each team's strategy. 


The different KAM expertises

Business expertise

We want to provide quality and unique support. Key account customers must feel they are being personally taken care of. Customer relations are therefore at the heart of this business. KAM support must enable them to make real management decisions (recruitment, development, investment, etc.).

Financial expertise

In order to accompany each client, KAMs must understand financial concepts to be able to advise our key accounts. From accounting to cash management, KAMs use their knowledge and training to advise their clients. Key Account Managers are not IT support who guide the client on where to click, but rather a real expert and an ally in daily life. The KAM team guides the client, speaking their language and helping them to go further in their command of the Agicap solution.

Sector expertise

Advising means speaking the same financial language as our clients, but also the same language used in their sector of activity.

This sectoral expertise allows the KAM team to propose a configuration adapted to the different industries of Agicap clients. The analysis and reporting tools are not the same for a restaurant owner and a property developer, which is why each KAM has strong sectoral expertise that is relevant to the different types of client.

This expertise is acquired through initial and ongoing training, practice, and exchange with other team members. Each team member is curious and agile, able to adapt to different industries and client profiles.

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Our team organisation

The Key Accounts team is organised as follows

  • Junior KAMs learn through training clients and performing technical tasks to understand the client's challenges and understand the tool inside out. At the beginning of their training, the junior is often paired with a more senior KAM. Then as soon as they are comfortable, they become more and more autonomous on customer support.

  • KAMs will manage the training and support aspects in total autonomy

  • Senior KAMs: in addition to managing the most strategic clients, they contribute to the training of other team members and manage internal projects in total autonomy.

It is a unique and extremely stimulating organisation where everyone has a key role. At Agicap, the evolution of KAMs can be very fast: the evolution path goes according to the adaptability, individual skills, and areas of expertise of each person.


General onboarding

All teams and all countries start the Agicap adventure with a general onboarding, with presentations of each team by all department managers. In addition, Agicap's co-founders meet with all newcomers who have not had the chance to be interviewed. Onboarding is carried out by the People team, which ensures that the first few weeks of training go smoothly. We do our utmost to ensure that everyone is able to get the hang of every part of their new world and fully understand life at Agicap.

Onboarding specific to the KAM team

New recruits are given the opportunity to learn about the different roles of the Customer Success subteams. These members then begin training to master the solution at their fingertips. In parallel, they are also trained in customer relations and given a refresher course on the financial concepts they need to know. Everyone has the opportunity to be trained in the various sectors of expertise, in order to develop a solid base for supporting our clients. Finally, their training includes various exchanges with members of other teams at Agicap - the role of KAM being central, everyone must exchange with members of the sales team and the product team. Newcomers are quickly integrated into the implementation of high-impact internal projects for the continuous improvement of our processes.


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