The Role of Customer Care

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A team within the Customer Success department, our Care team interacts with all of Agicap's clients. With the primary goal of increasing the competence of each client on the Agicap solution, our Customer Care Managers interact with company executives and financial and revenue managers. Customer Care Managers build long-term relationships with the clients they support.

In this article, Romane tells us about her career path, her daily life at Agicap, how she organizes her work, and what life is like on her team.


Tell us about your career path

I did my master’s in BtoB Marketing and Sales as a work-study student at the University of Lyon III. In 2019, after finishing my Master's degree, I travelled in Asia for several months. When I returned from my trip, I found Agicap on LinkedIn. During the first Covid-19 lockdown, Valentin (Head of Talent Acquisition) called me to tell me that he was recruiting for a small start-up with huge potential. I don't regret having trusted him!




Why did you join Agicap?

I joined Agicap for three reasons:

First, because the start-up world has always interested me, not just for the foosball, but for the autonomy, responsibility, and trust that is placed in us from the start because the stakes are huge. At the time when I joined Agicap, it was a fast-growing Lyon-based company in the middle of a global pandemic, it was crazy!

For me, it was really important to join a company that had a real purpose; I need to feel useful and to really understand why and who I am working for in order to apply myself every day. Cash flow management is the lifeblood of a business. We say this all the time at Agicap, but it's true: every company needs to know its cash position in order to anticipate the future and make the best decisions. I wanted to invest myself in a company that met a real need and where I knew from the start what my added value would be.

What I missed during my studies and other professional experiences was a direct relationship with the client. I worked on marketing concepts to meet client needs, but I didn't really directly interact with them. In the job of Customer Care Manager, the interaction and support of clients was one of the main motivations that led me to apply. I wanted to become an expert in the solution and to combine business and technical knowledge with client needs.

As the months went by, all these reasons for joining Agicap turned out to be completely accurate. I even found others like the atmosphere on the team and the excellence of my colleagues, the increase in my competencies on related subjects…

Can you tell us what a day at work is like?

At Agicap, no two days are alike! Our first goal on a daily basis as Customer Care Managers is to support our clients by answering their requests via chat. There are no robots answering messages on the chat, as is the case in other companies. We are more than ten Agicap employees from several countries, and we talk to different people all day long to answer their questions, advise them, and solve any problems they may encounter with the Agicap solution.

I also get to work in parallel with the Product team. On the Care team, we think about the problems that our clients encounter in their daily lives as company directors and CFOs. Each time Agicap does not meet our client needs, we ask ourselves, along with the Product team, how we could help them even more. It is with this vision that new features are regularly created (which we test in advance, a luxury!) and that the existing product evolves to be as close as possible to the needs of our clients.

Within the Care team, I also have the opportunity to support my team members in their daily development. We all work and progress together on optimizing processes, how to respond as effectively as possible to clients in chat, and organize our agendas to work on other related projects.


How do you get organized?

In order to organize myself and be efficient, I organize my time by distinguishing between managing conversations and subjects on the chat, working on improving processes and training, as well as meetings with the team or individual meetings.

We have at our disposal great, simple, and efficient tools that we use all day long, whether to talk internally via Slack, or with our clients on Intercom. As for sharing information and centralizing processes, we use Notion, an interactive tool that is used by all departments.


Care team

The Care room on Google Meets


What has been your evolution within the company since your arrival?

I was lucky enough to join Agicap when there were only 30 of us! In April 2019, our team was only three people, with eight of us in total in Customer Success. So very quickly we had to master the tools available as well as the Agicap software, understand the customers' issues and organize ourselves as best we could to be as efficient as possible. I quickly had responsibilities that went beyond the Care role, such as conducting job interviews. I was also trusted to take on key projects such as churn management, to better understand why clients want to stop their contracts, and how we can improve to best meet their needs and reduce the number of churns overall.




Over the months, the team has grown, and I in turn have taken on the role of coach for the new team members. As an "old team member", I try my best to serve as an example for the newcomers and to iencourage the excellence that is the strength of Customer Success at Agicap!

Tell us about team life!

We're lucky to have a culturally diverse team, and it's great to be on video calls with colleagues every day and see what's going on live in the offices in Berlin, Barcelona, and Milan!

We can all rely on each other, and that's very important for a professional environment, each person has an essential place in the team and plays a key role!




Who are you looking for to join the team?

We are looking for people with a lot of energy who want to talk to professionals on a daily basis and help them to make Agicap their everyday cash management solution!

If you don't have a solid knowledge of cash flow management, that's not a problem. The main thing is that you have the same values that we share on a daily basis, and for the rest, we will train you so that you can quickly take your place in the adventure!

You must also enjoy solving various issues, sometimes technical, know how to organize your time and priorities, and have a real passion for cats and karaoke. Good humor is a must, so don't hesitate to write to us if you think the Customer Care Manager job is for you. We're waiting for you with open arms!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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