The Customer Success Department at Agicap

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The value we bring to our clients is key to ensure their growth and satisfaction, thus the central role of the Customer Success Department at Agicap. A Customer Success Manager’s job is to use their expertise to increase the value of the product for the client. Continuous usage of the Agicap platform, experience sharing, and ensuring a great customer experience are our key elements of success.

We want to revolutionize the management of cash flow monitoring and forecasting for SMEs, which is a major source of stress for managers. Our ambition is to become the global financial management solution in Europe. So, we are looking for the best talents who want to help us achieve our ambitions!

We are committed to building a company where people can grow and build their careers. We are looking for great talents who aim for excellence, and are ready to join this adventure! Want to learn more? Let's zoom in on the Customer Success Department!

Check out this video to see what members of our Customer Success Team have to say about their experience at Agicap!

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At Agicap, we want to empower business owners in Europe to make better decisions based on what matters the most to them: their cash flow. More than 6000 companies see the value of our cash flow management tool. Agicap has value for all businesses, whatever their sector of activity or location, because day-to-day cash flow management knows no borders and is a pain point across all business sectors. That's why we are so proud to be working with clients in sectors such as retail, catering, property development and business services.

The Commercial Value Chain at Agicap

The Marketing Department is in charge of prospect lead generation

The Marketing Department’s overall goal is to boost Agicap’s reputation to contribute to our goal of becoming the leading brand in cash management for SMEs in Europe. The five teams within the Marketing Department generate leads through inbound and outbound channels like paid marketing on social media, events like webinars and conferences, creating content of value for our clients, and carrying out public relation activities. Once these activities generate leads, Marketing passes them onto the Sales Department, and a Sales Development Representative takes over.

The Sales Development Representatives qualify leads

During the first phone call with a lead, a Sales Development Representative (SDR) from the Sales Department identifies the needs and pain points. How they do it? First, by understanding why cashflow is important for the prospect. It can be linked to their sector of activity, the structure of their company, or even the current financial situation the company is facing. Once the SDR has understood why cashflow is important for the prospect, their next goal is to understand how the company currently manages its cash flow: what tools they use, using which data, and the processes in place. Once the SDR has all this information and sees how Agicap will help the prospect, the next step is to book a demonstration of our tool so that they see it with their own eyes.

The Account Executives offer demonstrations

The Account Executive does a demonstration with the lead to explain how Agicap resolves the pain-points and difficulties previously identified by the Sales Development Representative. The Account Executive then closes the deal and activates the subscription. Lead qualification is therefore a major focus in our sales practice.

The Customer Success Department ensures client success

As soon as there is a new subscription, Customer Success takes over to manage the training and account setup of new users. They also handle customer support and account management for existing users.

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Customer Success organization and roles

Customer Success is key at Agicap, and our Customer Success Managers (CSM) are in constant contact with our customers. The Customer Success Department is currently divided into four teams:

  • The Onboarding Team welcomes and trains our new clients, setting up a personalized cash flow plan according to their needs and pain points. Each onboarder has between 5 and 8 appointments per day, accompanying the client for 1 to 2 months.

  • The Care Team takes care of customer relationships and support on our online chat. They manage the prioritization of customer requests and administer 90 conversations per day on average.

  • The Account Management Team manages small and medium accounts. Account managers offer advice, foster loyalty, upsell, and ask for customer referrals.

  • The Key Account Management Team manages large accounts with than €700 of monthly recurring revenue. Each account manager has about 50 accounts, and they also offer advice, foster loyalty, upsell, and ask for customer referrals.

  • The Operations and Strategy Team enables departments to scale and ensures we keep high quality standards in our interactions with customers. They oversee internal project management, and their key levers are training, coaching, process designing, reporting, and data analytics.

Check out this video to learn more about how our Customer Success Team supports our customers.

Tools and interactions with other departments

The main tools the Customer Success Team uses are Slack, LinkedIn, Gainsight (CRM, Customer Relationship Management), Intercom (online chat), and Excel.

As customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy, Customer Success acts as the voice of the customer within Agicap. We work closely with the Product and Tech Departments to integrate customer feedback into the development and evolution of our product. Each time a customer suggests an improvement or a new feature they would like to see on the Agicap platform, a CSM logs the feedback and sends it to the Product and Tech Teams. Once this feedback is used for product improvement or even a new feature, the team reaches out to the clients who first gave the feedback to let them know that the Agicap team used their ideas to improve the product.

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“Our role is to respond to a real need. It's both a role of action and problem-solving. Our common goal is to put customer satisfaction at the heart of Agicap’s strategy.” Sarah, Customer Success Manager

Key success factors for a Customer Success Manager

  • An analytic capacity to understand customer needs and guide them in implementing cash flow plans
  • Curiosity, and interest in different business models.
  • A love of problem-solving, especially when it comes to our customers’ problems.
  • A customer relationship personality: enthusiastic and empathetic, our CSMs create personal relationships with users and financial managers every day. This requires excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Comfortable with numbers and the terms “balance sheet, change-of-basis matrix, TVA, bank synchronization”.
  • The ability to prioritize projects, manage multiple tasks at once, and anticipate priorities that can change under tight deadlines.
  • Being a team player and sharing ideas and expertise to ensure a smooth flow of information with the rest of the team.

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Rituals in the Customer Success Department

On the Customer Success Team, there’s never a dull moment! We have a weekly breakfast, and on Fridays, we usually share a cheat meal together. During lockdowns, we stay in touch by organizing virtual games. And of course, no birthday goes unnoticed on the team: we celebrate everyone!

Onboarding of a Customer Success Manager

During general onboarding, newcomers will get the opportunity to attend presentations led by each head of department to understand how Agicap is structured and what each team is responsible for. Since new Agicapians come from different countries and speak different languages, we do our onboarding presentations in English.

The onboarding process in the Customer Success Department allows newcomers to be operational within two weeks. The goal is to make sure they understand the product and the tools the team uses to deliver a fantastic experience to our customers. The first weeks in Customer Success will consist of trainings from the product trainer who will make sure new members have a deep understanding of the product, and it’s value to customers.

Each new CSM is assigned a coach who is responsible for ensuring the new CSM is using the first two training weeks to their full potential. They will have daily one-on-ones to discuss integration, product skills, business skills and Agicap’s customer success values. The new CSM will also observe existing team members to understand the preparation for customer calls and onboarding, and they will also shadow real customer interactions.

There is also a buddy system in place where new CSMs will be paired with a buddy who will help them integrate into the team. The buddy’s role centers around all that is not work related integration.

Are you ready?

We are committed to building a company where people can grow and build their careers. We are looking for great talents who aim for excellence, and are ready to join the adventure! Are you ready? Check out our opportunities with Customer Success here.