Take an inside look into FinTech: Career opportunities at Agicap

Meet Lea, Chloé and Hugo to speak about our open positions across all departments (Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Strategic Projects, Data...)

In this webinar several topics are discussed through different questions:

  • 0:55 Introduction, presentation of Agicap
  • 5:56 Hugo, what is your background and what do you do in Agicap?
  • 8:56 Lea, what is your background and what do you do in Agicap?
  • 10:10 How did you discover Agicap and why did you choose to join?
  • 11:40 How would you describe your onboarding experience at Agicap?
  • 15:13 One word to best describe the Agicap adventure?
  • 18:15 In your respective teams, what makes you the most proud?
  • 20:38 What is the added value of Agicap's international presence for you?
  • 24:02 Can you describe the Agicap mindset and culture?
  • 27:10 What are the possible evolutions of your jobs?
  • 31:08 Why is Agicap a good company for young graduates?



You can also find our webinar in the form of a podcast :



Have Lea, Chloé, and Hugo convinced you that Agicap is the right opportunity for you? Check out our open positions here.